Ceri Asam

Ceri Asam

Sour cherries, often referred to as tart cherries, hold a prominent place in European culinary traditions. These diminutive red fruits, resembling their sweet cherry counterparts but distinctively smaller and boasting a delightful hint of sourness, are highly regarded for their remarkable properties and culinary versatility.

Sour cherries are characterized by their petite, round shape and vibrant red hue. However, it is their unique flavor profile that truly sets them apart, offering a rich and tangy taste that captivates the palate. Beyond their exquisite taste, these cherries are a veritable treasure trove of essential vitamins and valuable nutrients.

In European cuisine, sour cherries play a pivotal role in our daily gastronomic experiences. They are a cherished ingredient in an array of delectable creations, from luscious sweets to decadent cakes and exquisite tarts. Their tartness adds a delightful contrast to the sweetness of these desserts, elevating their flavor profiles to new heights. Notably, sour cherries shine during the scorching summer months when they are transformed into a refreshingly delightful sour cherry juice, providing a perfect antidote to the heat and a quintessential summer beverage.

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