Plums and vanilla have many beneficial properties, few calories and many nutrients. There are thousands of varieties of plums that vary in size, shape, color and taste.

Round and tasty plum fruits are called vanilla. These fruits, members of the Rhodes family, come from three main categories: European, Japanese and Asian. Their color externally varies from blue-black to crimson, red, green and yellow. Plums are available almost all year round in various varieties. All plums have a smooth skin and firm, juicy flesh.

Plums that are eaten raw are usually larger than plums that are suitable for cooking and are sweet and very juicy. The plums for cooking are drier, with firmer flesh ideal for pies, tarts and cakes!

It is a very tasty fruit, with lots of vitamins, nutrients, and the best of all? With very few calories!

Here are various ideas for enjoying plums:

Eat them fresh or sliced.
Add to salads for a sweet twist.
Make plum smoothies.
Create plum jam or preserves.
Prepare plum salsa for a zesty topping.
Bake or roast plums for dessert.
Make sweet or savory plum chutney.
Use in pies or tarts.
Dry plums to make prunes.
Make plum sorbet for a refreshing treat.
Cook into plum compote.
Grill plum halves for a unique flavor.
Juice plums for a tangy beverage.
Bake into muffins or bread.
Craft plum mocktails for a delightful drink.

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